Melania Trump Looked ‘Horrified’ When Shaking Hands With Vladimir Putin, Twitter Users Notice

Chris McGrathGetty Images

Melania Trump was captured on-camera with a “horrified” look on her face after shaking hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Elle is reporting.

There’s no doubt that Melania Trump has one of the most un-enviable jobs in the world. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, you have to admit that being Melania is difficult at best, considering that every pixel of every frame of footage of her is going to be examined. And in the most recent cases, it doesn’t take much in the way of examination to see that the look on Melania’s face was one of utter horror. At least, that’s how the Twitterverse sees it.

Earlier this week, the Trumps were in Helsinki, Finland, for a summit with Putin. As is customary for these things, there were the usual exchanges of greetings and handshakes and such. And not unexpectedly, Melania shook Putin’s hand. Dutifully carrying out the requirements of First Lady, Melania kept a smile on her face while shaking the Russian president’s hand. But when she turned back around, the look on her face spoke volumes.

She then managed a wan smile again, presumably when she noticed the cameras were still on her.

As The Daily Star reports, Twitter users were almost fearful along with Melania.

“Seriously, what the f**k? Melania looks horrified.”

“She is scared of Putin.”

Now, of course, any number of things could have been going on in the First Lady’s mind at that moment besides abject terror. Perhaps she was exhausted and was just catching her breath, and the camera betrayed her expression to look like terror. Maybe she was just relaxing her facial muscles after smiling – she was, after all, a model.

Or she could have been legitimately terrified. Vladimir Putin is, after all, a formidable man with an utterly shameful human rights record, according to Human Rights Watch.

This wasn’t the only weird Melania Moment to emerge from the summit. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Putin gifted Donald Trump with a soccer ball that was used during the World Cup final. Trump decided that it would make a great gift for Barron (who plays on DC United’s youth developmental team). Trump then said “Melania, here you go!” and tossed it to her. A confused Melania took the ball and then handed it off to a Secret Service agent.

Unfortunately, Barron may not be able to keep the ball, as by some interpretations it’s a “gift of state” and more likely belongs in a museum.