The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Friday, July 20: Phyllis And Nick Make Love!

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, July 20, brings plenty of poor decisions and new secrets to keep for residents of Genoa City.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) gains the edge at Jabot, according to She Knows Soaps. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) knows there’s something fishy going on with Billy (Jason Thompson) and “Jaboat.” Instead of answering her questions, he decides to send her on a business trip. Because of that, Ashley asks Kyle to keep an eye out on strange behavior from Billy.

Initially, Kyle doesn’t want to rat out the boss. However, Ashley sweetens the deal by offering to become Kyle’s ally at Jabot when Billy ends up flaming out as CEO of the company. Her offer is too good for Kyle to resist, so he agrees to report any Billy strangeness to Ashley in exchange for her future help.

It looks like Billy’s world may get real strange real quick because Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) tries to find him to give him a second chance, but when she sees him gambling again, she leaves and runs into Nick (Joshua Morrow). The two commiserate about the demise of both of their relationships and Phyllis gets turned on by Nick’s bad boy side with all his dark horse moves against Newman Enterprises.

Instead of horror when she hears that Nick pretended to be J.T. to get the upper hand on Victor (Eric Braeden), Phyllis thinks it’s totally hot that Nick took charge of things like that and stood up to his old man. Sure, she loves Billy and wants to make things work, but she appreciates seeing her ex-husband giving into his dark side too.

Nick lets Phyllis know how disappointed Sharon’s reaction made him feel, and she reminded him that Sharon needed the good and safe side of Nick. They bond over video games, and then when it’s time to go, the heat takes over, and they end up having sex on the kitchen island.

Ultimately, Nick gets a wake-up call with the unplanned escapades with the mother of his daughter, Summer (Hunter King). He’s engaged to Sharon, and until very recently they were happily planning a wedding. Plus, Phyllis loves Billy and isn’t ready for that relationship to end, either. Can these two just pretend that nothing ever happened between them? It looks like things will get crazy in their world.

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