Selena Gomez Reportedly Looking For The ‘Perfect’ Guy After Failed Justin Bieber Romance

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Selena Gomez is done with failed romances. The singer reportedly wants to find her perfect match, and she has some big requirements.

According to a July 18 report by Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez has been inspired by her multiple failed attempts at a relationship with former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, and she’s ready to find someone better suited for her. The former Wizards of Waverly Place star is reportedly making a list of qualities she wants her future man to have, and she’s allegedly ready to stick to her guns this time.

“Selena made a list of qualities she is looking for in her next man and also a list of deal breakers too. After breaking up with Justin for the last time, she has done a lot of thinking about what would make a perfect boyfriend and she came up with a simple list,” an insider revealed.

Selena Gomez is allegedly looking for someone who is good looking, smart, and who can make her laugh. She also reportedly needs someone who will understand that her schedule is very busy, and that they may have to be apart for her work obligations.

However, Gomez also reportedly has a list of things she doesn’t want in a partner. Selena is said to not want somebody who is too into their own looks, can’t communicate with her, or a man who gets shady text messages in the middle of the night.

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“She wants someone smart, funny and obviously cute too. Someone in the industry likely, who is successful and understanding of her busy schedule would be preferable, but he doesn’t have to be famous. Selena also has a few qualities that she will not tolerate at all, total deal breakers. If a guy’s Instagram is full of selfies, that is a no-go, and she wants a guy with integrity that she can trust completely.”

“If she can’t communicate or believe her man, or a guy who gets mysterious text messages at odd hours– that would be a total deal breaker for her. Other than that, she is trying to keep an open mind about her next boyfriend. She is quick to fall in love with artist and singers who inspire her and help her own creativity,” the source continued.

In addition, it seems that Selena is ready to open herself up again, and is hoping to find somebody that she can connect to on a deeper level, as well as someone who understands what is truly important to her. “She is absolutely ready for love again and feels like her next boyfriend just might be another talented guy like many of her exes,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez’s former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, recently shocked fans by revealing that he and his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, had gotten engaged after only a few weeks of dating. The couple have known each other for many years, but recently decided to turn their friendship into a romance just months after Bieber’s split from Gomez.