‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday, July 18: Sonny Wants Answers And Nelle Leans On Chase

Craig SjodinABC

Despite reservations from his loved ones, Michael married Nelle earlier this week and General Hospital spoilers detail that the newlyweds will face questions during Wednesday’s episode. Michael and Chase have a plan to take down Nelle and it sounds as if things will move into a new phase with the July 18 show.

The show shared a sneak peek for Wednesday’s show via Twitter and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot jam-packed into this next episode. Michael hasn’t clued in Sonny or Jason when it comes to his plan with Chase, but he may be forced to now. Sonny will pressure him to reveal what he’s up to and Jason will be there nodding that it’s time for answers. Will Michael come clean?

Nelle overheard Josslyn telling Michael about the kiss with Chase and she was left feeling unsettled when her new husband didn’t seem upset. General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll talk with Chase during the next show and she’ll seem genuinely concerned when she asks whether Chase thinks Michael is setting her up.

Chase will surely continue to play his role here, working to convince Nelle he still loves her while also keeping Michael from coming under suspicion. Nelle doesn’t seem to have figured out that the two are working together, but it would be quite dangerous for them to underestimate her.

Wednesday’s episode also brings action related to Peter. Valentin will pressure the bartender to confess who he really is while Curtis and Sam will want to ask Elizabeth some questions about Franco. Apparently, Curtis will present an explanation of some nature to Liz, and it’ll be interesting to see what these two hope to learn from Elizabeth.

Peter sees Nina as his best opportunity to regain his freedom and it seems she may have a plan that leaves him feeling somewhat perplexed. He’ll ask what’s in it for her and Nina will look pretty confident over whatever she’s considering.

Franco and Obrecht ran into one another as he checked into the supposed quarantine at Wyndemere and General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll try to get her to open up about what’s going on. He’ll insist he wants to help, but the weekly preview teases that she’ll end up taking extreme measures to keep him from interfering with her scheme.

Julian will tell Kim there are complications of some sort to deal with and SheKnows Soaps details that Kim will be pleading with him for some reason. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a lot more action yet to come this week and fans are anxious to see what kind of Port Charles chaos will pop up next.