Ex-White House Stenographer Tells CNN Trump Is ‘Lying To The American People’

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In an interview with CNN, former White House Stenographer Beck Dory-Stein made the claim that President Donald Trump was “lying to the American people” and had greatly reduced the role of White House stenographers, not liking microphones near his mouth or to be recorded at all times, according to The Hill.

“I quit because I couldn’t be proud of where I worked anymore,” Dorey-Stein said during a brief segment on CNN. “I felt like President Trump was lying to the American people, and also… not even trying to tell the truth. He wasn’t even going the extra mile to have the stenographers in the room”

Beck Dory-Stein further alleged that this preference and choice was due to inadequate understanding of the Trump administration whilst coming in to undertake the role of the presidency, failing to have learned from former President Obama’s directives, and failing to take his lead on the matter. Classifying President Trump’s administration as one that, at least early on, didn’t know how to “keep the lights on,” Dory-Stein signals a lack of communication between the incoming and outgoing administrations as a source of friction.

The ex-White House stenographer recalls her disbelief that she and her colleagues were not treated – at least in her eyes – with the same degree of respect afforded the profession under previous administrations. Trump, she recalls, had no real interest in being recorded at all times. He had private meetings with public figures, notably right-wing commentator Bill O’Reilly in her op-ed for The New York Times, sans any stenographer in the room to take formal dictation.

Dory-Stein has sold her story of her time in the White House – which was a five-year period beginning in 2012 and ending shortly after Trump was inaugurated in 2017 – to a major film studio, with Oscar-winning producer Michael Sugar set to take the reigns, according to The Guardian. Tentatively titled From the Corner of the Oval Office, every ingredient necessary for a silver screen hit is included in the soup – an illicit love affair between Dory-Stein and a political handler, an adoration for former President Obama and an obvious dislike and disdain for underdog victor President Trump – Dory-Stein going so far as to swap jobs with a colleague in order to avoid covering Trump’s meeting with the outgoing Obama.

Her political inclination beyond any shadow of a doubt allied against that of the current administration – in her piece for The Guardian, Dory-Stein described working with Trump and his staff as working in a “pit of snakes” from the Indiana Jones classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, laments the loss of the Obama family portraiture from the Resolute Desk, and writes of the president himself that “It looks like he’s spent the last decade staring into the light of a tanning bed.”

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The print version of From the Corner of the White House was published by Penguin Books on July 12.