‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Weekly Sneak Peek Teases Fiery End Of The Road For Peter’s Captivity Saga

A new sneak peek for this week’s episodes of General Hospital hint that the situation with Obrecht and Peter might finally head toward the finish line. Based on the spoilers via the latest clip, there are hot moments on the way as Obrecht, Nina, and Peter try to find a way to wrap this up.

Nina is getting more frazzled by the day over this Peter situation, and Obrecht isn’t exactly acting reasonably at this point. Finn and Franco have pieced together some components of this messy situation, and viewers have seen that Valentin, Maxie, Sam, and Curtis are all edging toward disrupting Liesl’s scheme as well. General Hospital spoilers tease that Obrecht will come up with an intense plan to wrap up these loose ends, but it may not go as planned.

The video shared by the show’s Twitter page shows a few quick highlights of Peter’s captivity so far, and there’s a brief shot showing Liesl hitting Franco over the head with a bottle. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco may end up checking into the supposed quarantine keeping Valentin and others away from Wyndemere, and Liesl will be desperate to keep him from finding out it was a fake.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Peter will again plead with Nina to put an end to all of this, and viewers will see Obrecht telling Peter that he has come to the end of the road. She will light a Molotov cocktail or similar fiery device and it looks like Liesl and Nina will struggle over it as the flames grow.


Obrecht will throw the firebomb and as this plays out, Nina will end up in the doorway looking in at the fire, seeming desperate. The promo teases that this could become a case of murder and this may well lead to a cliffhanger at the end of the week.

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source Magazine hint that later in the week, Obrecht will face an obstacle of sorts and viewers will see Valentin in a desperate situation. So far, not much else has been revealed in terms of teasers about Nina, Obrecht, or Peter heading into next week.

This new clip is definitely a juicy one, but fans don’t want to see Kathleen Gati’s Obrecht written into a corner where she can’t be redeemed or ends up off the show. As crazy as Liesl may be at this point, viewers love the actress and want her to stick around. Peter, on the other hand, hasn’t necessarily grown on the majority of the General Hospital viewing audience, and many might not mourn the actor’s departure too much if that’s how this storyline wraps.

How bad will this fire be and will anyone die as a result? Will this finally bring an end to Peter’s captivity, or will there be additional twists that keep it in play? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get intense as this plays out and additional tidbits should emerge as the week continues.