High Heel Crocs Are Real, To The Dismay Of Some


There is one thing that most people can agree on in today’s times of political and social strife, high-heeled crocs should not be a wearable item. But indeed they are, with the foamy shoe brand debuting a new version of its classic clog.

The New York Post reported that the new “Cyprus V” Crocs are a high-heeled version of the classic clog, providing both height and comfort.

The brand’s new kicks are available on Amazon in two colors: black and platinum/wild orchid, ranging in price from $80 to $225.

Believe it or not, the platinum tome is almost sold out.

Fashion designers embraced the high-heeled favorite of gardeners during the spring/summer 2018 runway season. Balenciaga debuted a platform clog during their shows, while British designer Christopher Kane collaborated with Crocs to create glitzy, stone-embellished styles, according to The Post.

Balenciaga’s version, made in collaboration with Crocs in October 2017, is set on an “exaggerated foam platform” which will have you tottering at five inches above your normal height. The rubber sandals have an added designer flair, as they are adorned with playful charms and Balenciaga logo pins, according to The Independent.

They remain hugely popular, selling out before they’d even been released in pre-sales on Barney’s website.

Twitter was ablaze with comments regarding the footwear that is either beloved or hated by shoe aficionados.

Crocs debuted their comfortable foam sandals in the early 2000s and they soon became a favorite of men, women, and children around the world. It has been about 10 years since the style was in fashion.

USA Today noted that the new style “features plastic straps highlighted by the Crocs logo, with a 2-inch-heel.”

“There are so many sad things going on in the world right now. We didn’t need to add high heel crocs to the list,” said a Twitter user, StilettoNinja.


This is not the first time Crocs have tried to give their fans a little lift. When the original shoes were at their height of popularity, a version could be found that looked a bit like a wedge heel, but with the same Croc styling.

Still, there are some fans who love the new style. One Twitter user called the new shoes “hot.”


The slogan for the brand is “come as you are.” The retailer’s official site showcases an entire selection of shoes, including high heels and wedges to chunky-heeled sandals as well.

Catch the new footwear trend ASAP. Apparently, resellers are already listing them at the bargain price of $224.75 on Amazon.