Did David Beador Cheat On Shannon Beador With New Girlfriend Lesley Cook?

Charles SykesBravo

Shannon Beador’s husband, David Beador, admitted to cheating on her years ago during their 17-year marriage but did he also cheat at the end of last year prior to their divorce announcement?

According to an Us Weekly report on July 17, Shannon’s Real Housewives of Orange County co-star and friend, Tamra Judge, opened up about her suspicions about David’s relationship with current girlfriend Lesley Cook after Shannon admitted that things between her and her estranged husband were quite strained.

“David and I communicate through text and email and they aren’t pleasant. I found out two days after it was all over social media that David has a new girlfriend that is almost 20 years younger than him,” she revealed during Monday night’s premiere.

As Shannon explained during the show, she wasn’t surprised that David moved on and expected him to do so. However, the fact that he moved on with Lesley so quickly didn’t come as the best news. After all, it had been just a couple of months since they announced their split when David and Lesley went public.

Shannon then accused Lesley of being out for David’s money.

“She’s one of 3,000 young girls that want some guy to take care of her,” she alleged.

As last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County continued, Tamra suggested that David had begun his romance with Lesley before he and Shannon called it quits.

“He was commenting on her posts in October,” Tamra told Shannon. “After I found out that David had a girlfriend, of course, I started stalking her and I saw that they had been communicating as far back as maybe even when they were married.”

In response to the shocking allegations against her estranged husband, Shannon told Tamra that it doesn’t really matter what David was doing because their relationship was no more. Still, she noted that she wouldn’t “put it past him.”

Earlier this week, ahead of the Season 13 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday night, Shannon Beador spoke to Us Weekly, revealing that she was quite hurt when she first learned of David Beador and Lesley Cook’s romance.

“It hurt when I first found out, just the way that I found out because they were doing this public, Instagram, childish nonsense,” Shannon told the magazine. “I knew I was going to be replaced and that’s fine … It could be any girl, it’s just the timeframe, that’s all.”

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