Hugh Hefner’s Secretary Mary O’Connor Dies At 86

Hugh Hefner’s longtime secretary passed away this week at the age of 86.

According to People Magazine, Mary O’Connor was a fixture at the Playboy Mansion for over 40 years.

On Sunday night, Hefner shared the sad news on Twitter.

Hefner wrote:

“Mary passed away today. We loved her more than words could say.”

Several of the Playmates, including Hugh’s new wife Crystal Harris, also expressed their condolences.

Harris wrote:

“Hef’s long time secretary my dear friend Mary O’Connor has passed away. It’s a very sad day here at the Playboy Mansion. We love you Mary.”

O’Connor was at Hefner’s side for over four decades and through three marriages. She typically stayed in the background of Hef’s life but she earned some fame in recent years by making appearances on reality shows like The Girls Next Door.

Hefner’s secretary also appeared on the show Kendra with former playmate Kendra Wilkinson-Basket.

Kendra wrote:

“RIP Mary O’Connor. She was an amazing person who helped me through so much. But I know she’s happy with her boo Captain Bob. :)”