Yolanda Hadid Allegedly Slams Ex-Husband David Foster’s ‘Unacceptable’ Engagement To Katharine McPhee

According to a source, Yolanda Hadid from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thinks that David Foster’s engagement to Katharine McPhee is “unacceptable,” and that he’s “way too old” for her, detailed Radar Online.

Hadid’s ex-husband of six years, David Foster, is 68-years-old, while McPhee is 34-years-old. The musician is literally twice Katharine’s age, with a 34-year gap between the two.

Foster also has daughters around McPhee’s age. Sara is 37-years-old and Erin is 35-years old. But Foster’s daughters don’t seem to be put off by McPhee’s age, and reportedly like Katharine. Erin, for example, said the following about McPhee.

“She’s amazing. I really like her. She’s awesome… My dad is kind of a hopeless romantic, and Katharine’s awesome. We really, really like her, and we’ve known her for a really long time. And if he’s happy, we’re happy,” according to the Inquisitr.

An insider added that Hadid believed there was some sort of relations between Foster and McPhee for a while, saying that “[Yolanda] was threatened by their chemistry… They were more than flirty. She wanted David to be honest, and he kept denying it. He was upset at him, not Katharine.” In fact, Foster was seen cozying up with McPhee just two weeks after his divorce from Hadid was finalized. So Hadid’s comment about it being “unacceptable” is likely not just about the age difference, but also hints at Foster’s secret attraction to McPhee.

The age difference doesn’t seem to affect McPhee at all, as an insider said that the two are “totally in sync” and “of one mind.”

“David is really charming. The age difference might seem substantial to some, but they are really cute together and it makes sense,” another source said, according to Us Weekly.

Other celebrity couples with large age differences include Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell, who are 38 years apart in age. Another couple that has a huge age difference is Billy Joel and his third wife, Katie Lee Joel, who are 32 years apart in age.


Mel Gibson and wife Oksana Pochepa are 29 years apart in age also. Similar to Foster, Gibson and Pochepa became a known couple shortly after Gibson’s divorce to Robyn. But unlike Foster, Pochepa entered the scene much quicker; she proclaimed her love for Gibson just days after he filed for divorce, reported Us Weekly.

Foster’s marriage to McPhee marks his fifth marriage and McPhee’s second marriage. He proposed to Katharine on top of a mountain in Anacapri in Italy, said Yahoo News.