’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Annie Tells David She’s Going Back To Thailand, Chantel Threatens To Divorce Pedro


Things aren’t looking good for two of our favorite 90 Day Fiance couples, and in a sneak peek of the hit TLC show, it looks like at least two of these couples are heading for divorce court.

According to Hollywood Life, David and Annie — a 90 Day Fiance couple that should never have gotten together in the first place — are living, literally, on a wing and a prayer. Having been forced out of their home after the landlord, David’s old business partner, Chris, sold the building, the unhappy couple is now moving into an apartment above a storage facility. The apartment doesn’t have a working kitchen, and David admits that it’s “not ideal,” but that it will “take off the pressure for now.” The only alternative for the couple is a tent on a street corner of their choice, seeing as David doesn’t have a job, and Annie can’t get one until her citizenship paperwork is in order.

All of this has Annie upset, and for good reason: she married David under the pretense that “he would take care of her,” and he’s doing everything but that. So, Annie informs him that he can feel free to live in the storage facility, but she’s going back to Thailand.

The only one who is surprised by this 90 Day Fiance revelation is David, who starts crying like a baby about the matter.


Meanwhile, according to SFGate, Pedro and “The Family Chantel” are still dealing with the fallout from “that fight.” As fans of the show already know, Pedro got into a physical fight with Chantel’s little brother, River, during what was supposed to be a quiet family dinner.


“I’m starting to think, what type of person did I marry?” says Chantel in the next episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Chantel’s mom has given up, and says that Pedro is very bad for Chantel and her family, while she is waving Nicole’s weave around victoriously.

At the end of it all, Chantel begins to think that maybe it’s better if she and Pedro go their separate ways, because she’s “over it,” and frankly, the audience is, too.

A new episode of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. Check your local listings for the channel.