Man Builds Slingshot That Can Fire Chainsaws [Video]

Joerg Sprave loves slingshots. Indeed, Joerg’s love for the humble slingshot is so great that he has a YouTube channel dedicated to the things: The Slingshot Channel.

Inquisitr favorite Joerg also loves building slingshots but not the common or garden slingshot that was the 1940s schoolboy’s weapon of choice. Nope, Joerg likes to build, let’s call them, specialist slingshots.

So far, he’s built slingshots that fire circular saw blades, sticks of dynamite, and poison. Now, however, Joerg has hit a new peak, a pinnacle in brilliant/scary DIY weaponry that might never be topped: a slingshot that fires chainsaws.

In the video below, Joerg — whose skinhead look, Arnie-esque accent, and love of making chainsaw-firing slingshots would make him seem threatening were he not so friendly — demonstrates his new baby.

Wielding a colossal, eight-foot wooden slingshot bazooka over his broad shoulder, Joerg fires off a chainsaw round at an archery target.

Admittedly, his buzzing missiles, each of which have a stabilizing metal rod attached, don’t go terribly far. Yet I don’t think Joerg is actually planning to design a serious weapon here. Or at least, I hope not.

All in all, it’s rather ridiculous but novel and fun, and I am not going to mock Joerg for his enthusiasm and ingenuity. Joerg is not a man to be mocked.