Teens Arrested For Taunting Baby With Taser, Posting Video To Snapchat

For many teenage girls around the world, babysitting is a good way to make some money during their free time, and good training for the challenges of motherhood. But for three teenage girls from Conway, Arkansas, babysitting allegedly served as an opportunity to pull a cruel prank on the one-year-old girl they were taking care of, as the girls reportedly uploaded a Snapchat video where they pretended to fire a Taser at the infant, with one of them even going as far as striking the infant in the head, as indicated on a police report.

According to Fox News, the teenagers were arrested on Monday and taken to the Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center and were not named because they are minors. Conway police authorities said that the girls were each charged with endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree.

The Snapchat video reportedly showed the three suspects taunting the child they were babysitting with a Taser, an act which caused the infant to “scream and sob in uncontrollable fear,” according to Conway Police Department officer Brittani Little. The teenagers reacted by laughing at the girl’s “visibly terrified” reaction, with one of them allegedly including a laughing emoji in the video. Little added that one of the teenagers was shown on the video firing the Taser two more times in the direction of the infant.

Furthermore, the clip supposedly showed one of the teenagers slapping the baby in the back of her head as she cried. The infant, who also was not named, was then taken to the Conway Regional Medical Center after her mother saw the video and informed authorities. Fox News noted that no injuries were found after the child was evaluated by doctors.

“The baby’s mother had been made aware of the video and sought treatment for the child at the hospital, where she contacted police. The mother stated the teens had been responsible for babysitting the child and that she had been unaware of the alleged abuse prior to seeing the video,” read a statement posted on the Conway Police Department Facebook account.

According to Little, the teenagers maintained that they did not actually fire the Taser at the infant, with two of them blaming their companion for posting the clip of their prank on Snapchat. She hinted that the teens did not show remorse for their alleged actions, as “neither of them saw wrongdoing” in the prank.

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