Roseanne Barr Explains Why She Scrapped TV Tell-All, Invites Fans To Send Her Interview Questions

Jordan StraussAP Images

Roseanne Barr’s upcoming interview with herself will have an interesting twist. The former Roseanne star plans to give fans all of the answers surrounding her recent social media scandal and subsequent firing from the TV sitcom she helped create, but she won’t be doing it alone after all.

Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to explain to fans why she decided to scrap a previously announced TV interview and instead post her own interview on her YouTube channel. Barr also invited fans to send her interview questions.

“I’d like to speak directly to you, the people, and cut out any middlemen who use for clickbait/ad revenue while seeking to divide rather than unite. Please email any questions you have for me at and I will post answers to my YouTube channel next week.”

The new announcement comes just a few days after Roseanne Barr announced plans for a TV interview, then changed her mind the next day and said she’d be doing the interview herself. Barr explained the move to her Twitter followers, saying she didn’t trust the news media.

“After a lot of thought, I decided that I won’t be doing any TV interviews, too stressful & untrustworthy 4 me & my fans,” Barr wrote earlier this week. “I’m going to film it myself & post it on my YouTube channel in the next week-the entire explanation of what happened & why! I love you all-sign up & get ready.”

With her latest announcement. Roseanne Barr also posted a link to her YouTube channel, which has more than 18,000 subscribers. Barr’s last post to her channel was seven months ago.

Roseanne Barr’s latest announcement comes just ahead of the Emmy Awards nominations announcement. While Barr’s now-canceled sitcom reboot would have been a serious contender for Emmy honors, the star’s racist tweet scandal may have canceled out any chances for the show to be recognized.

Roseanne was canceled after its famous star tweed a racist comment about former White House aide Valerie Jarrett. Barr later apologized and said the tweet wasn’t intended to be racist, but the damage was already done. Barr later stepped away as a spinoff, The Conners, was announced by ABC. The new show will follow the sitcom family without their famous matriarch.

According to a report by The Associated Press, the doomed sitcom and some of its cast members were submitted for Emmy consideration before the show was axed and no one — including Barr — asked to be withdrawn. An Emmy nod for a Roseanne cast member would highlight the upcoming Barr-less spinoff, The Conners.