Halle Berry’s Bikini Body Comes From ‘Bone Broth’ And Collagen

The Daily Mail has posted some pictures of actress Halle Berry looking absolutely stunning in her barely-there bikini.

This, in and of itself, is an impressive feat because the Swordfish actress is well into her fifth decade and has two gorgeous children, yet still manages to look as good as she did when she first debuted in films almost three decades ago.

How does she do it?

Halle Berry credits bone broth, which she claims is “rich in collagen,” for her sexier-than-ever bikini body.

Berry told the outlet that, once a week, she goes down to the butcher shop to pick up fresh bones, then boils the bones for 24 hours to create a broth.

Berry says that butchers throw away the bones, so they’ll be happy to give them to you for free.

But it isn’t just the good diet that has helped Halle look as good as she did 30 years ago. Rather, she also credits her exercise, which she does a ton of. She told the outlet that she and her trainer have developed a routine they call the “bulletproof battle plan” that they work on every day.


Halle Berry’s trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, said that the “bulletproof battle plan” includes a variety of strength training exercises like kickboxing and Muay Thai boxing. Thomas also said he “jump-started” her metabolism by giving her a series of “burst” exercises to work on — “kettle bells, bar bells, dumbbells, working on the pull up bar, doing dips, sprinting pushing heavy things, [and] pulling stuff” are just a few of the man exercises that Thomas has Berry doing on a daily basis.

Thomas also said that Berry is committed to her health regimen — she is “dedicated” to being the best physical and mental version of herself, and he admires the fact that she’s so strong on both a physical and mental level. He even went so far as to say that she was one of the best clients he’s ever had!


Even though Halle Berry hasn’t done a few films in a while, she’s making the news because she’s living comfortably with her two children — her daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, and her son with ex-husband Olivier Martinez. Recently, she talked about how she got fired from her first job as a bartender because she made the drinks too strong. She was 19-years-old, she said, and they were going through liquor “like crazy.”

Halle Berry, then, is just like the rest of us…with a much better body thanks to bone broth.