iPhone X 2018: Apple Is Adding More Color To The iPhone Lineup — Literally

Apple is upping the ante with its iPhone lineup this 2018, with noted mobile tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo releasing a new report stating that the Cupertino-based tech giant would be introducing a new plethora of color options to its smartphone line this September. And we’re not even just talking about something like the introduction of Rose Gold with the iPhone 6S or Jet Black with the iPhone 7. This time, Apple could introduce as many as four new color options for the 2018 iPhone series — something that has never been done before.

Particularly notable about this report is its source. Kuo, after all, is arguably the most accurate Apple analyst in the mobile sphere, with a track record of far more hits than misses. According to a 9to5Google report, Apple would introduce a new gold color option to the iPhone X successor and the iPhone X Plus, expanding the color choices for the premium smartphone lineup. Looking at the leaked images of the upcoming device, it appears that the gold color option would have a tinge of rose gold in it, similar to the iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch Series 3. Regardless of the color’s specific hue, however, it is undeniable that many tech fans would appreciate the new color that the new flagship smartphones would offer.

Apple’s colorful side is set to burst, however, in the budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. According to Kuo, the new iPhones would come in gray, white, blue, red, and orange. Considering Kuo’s wording, it appears that the gray and white he mentioned in his report corresponds to Apple’s traditional Space Gray and Silver options. Thus, with regards to the budget 6.1-inch iPhone, it appears that Apple is set to add a few dashes of blue, red, and orange to its lineup.

While the introduction of this many new colors is practically unprecedented, Apple has actually experimented with colors in the past. Back in 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone 5C, a budget alternative to the more expensive iPhone 5S. The 5C was offered in playful colors, such as pink, green, blue, yellow, and white. Inasmuch as the devices were cute to look at, however, the iPhone 5C was primarily seen as a failed experiment for Apple, with the devices’ plastic casing becoming a considerable sign of the device’s designation as a budget model. Apple quietly discontinued the iPhone 5C in 2015, according to The Telegraph.

If the recent leaks about the 2018 iPhone X series are any indication, however, it seems like Apple would not be repeating the same mistakes it committed with the iPhone 5C on the budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. For one, the upcoming affordable iPhone would not look cheap at all, with a template mirroring its more expensive siblings. The device is also expected to feature a glass back to facilitate wireless charging. This means that for all intents and purposes, Apple’s colorful budget line this year would likely look anything but an affordable phone.