Melania Trump Looks ‘Uncomfortable’ And ‘Stiff’ In Display Of Affection With Donald, Body Language Expert Says

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Melania Trump may have shown a rare display of affection with her husband on the Fourth of July, but one body language expert said her “uncomfortable” demeanor tells a different story.

This week, the first lady and President Donald Trump held hands at a celebration of Independence Day, something they rarely do in public. The images led to speculation that the two may be beyond the tension that was widely reported in the wake of the Stormy Daniels scandal, but a body language expert told InTouch Weekly that Melania still looks quite uncomfortable around her husband.

Patti Wood told the celebrity news outlet that Melania “doesn’t look relaxed and at ease,” noting that her arms are stiff and close to her side in a “frozen-in position.” In another photo, Donald Trump appeared to show he was in control of his wife, she claimed.

“He’s holding her hand down, which is showing [he’s] superior and [in] control,” Wood explains. “What is a little bit different is most of the time when she holds his hands, she is not holding back and allowing, in some respects, her hands to be held, while in this case, her fingers are around him, holding hands.”

Wood dug a bit deeper into a picture of Melania Trump smiling, saying it didn’t look like a genuine smile and instead one meant to convey that she’s happy when really she is not. Wood called it a “model” smile, something that would be familiar to the former fashion model.

It’s not clear how much truth there is to the body language interpretation, but any tension between Donald Trump and his wife appears to be dissipating. After Melania spent close to a month away from the spotlight — skipping a series of international trips with her husband — she has now made more appearances with him and has plans to follow him to an important upcoming trip.

Melania has plans to be with her husband when he makes his first official trip to the U.K., where the couple will also be meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

The rampant reports among celebrity news outlets is that Melania Trump is considering leaving her husband after reports of his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. The first lady never commented publicly, and her spokeswoman would occasionally speak up to dispel reports that the marriage was in trouble, but the reports still circulated that she was planning on leaving her husband.