Text Messaging Woman Falls Into Freezing Canal [Video]

A woman by the name of Laura Safe learned an important lesson recently — pay attention to where you are walking while text messaging. Laura was paying attention to her phone when she walked down a flight of stairs and right into an icy cold canal.

Laura was lucky that someone was in the area and lifted her to safety.

Safe is a radio personality in Birmingham, England, which explains why she had no problem talking about her moment of stupidity.

What might be most impressive about her icy cold plunge is that Laura managed to throw both her purse and phone to safety before she completely submerged into the icy cold canal (not pictured).

This is hardly the first time we have witnessed someone falling into a body of water while paying attention to their text messages, and it sadly will not be the last. To date, we have seen people fall in a fountain at a mall and walk off a pier while text messaging. In another scary case, a pilot who was text messaging narrowly avoided a crash.

People like Laura Safe do serve a valuable lesson: that text messaging while driving or operating heavy machinery should be avoided. After all, this woman wasn’t able to realize that an entire body of water was in front of her, let alone a car, turn in the road, or other possible dangers.

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/A-AAK5MGNlQ”]