Archbishop Justin Welby Admits He’s Nervous About Holding Prince Louis At Upcoming Christening

John StillwellAP Images

Monday will be a big day for Prince Louis, as he’ll be christened by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. And the archbishop has admitted that’s he’s nervous about holding the prince during the ceremony, joking that, “If you’re at the wedding don’t drop the rings and if you’re at the baptism don’t drop the baby.” He also added that the ceremony will be “nerve-wracking” but “a great privilege,” detailed People. And who can blame the archbishop for being nervous? Prince Louis is fifth in line to the throne, after all.

Luckily for Prince Louis (and really, for everyone involved,) the archbishop is well-qualified for the job, to say the least. He baptized Kate and William’s first son, Prince George, in October, 2013, and afterward said that the baptism was an “incredible high point,” detailed Express.

Prince Louis will be christened at the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace in London. This is the same location where Prince George and Princess Diana was christened. And as the world found out after the event, Meghan Markle was also christened there in a secret ceremony. The chapel is also important for the royal family, since they visit every year on Christmas Day, according to The Sun.

The attendees for the christening are expected to include the queen, Prince Charles, and Prince Philip, along with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Additionally, Kate’s parents, brother James, and sister Pippa are expected to attend. Some wonder if Prince Philip will be able to attend, considering Louis’ great-grandfather is 97-years-old.

Prince Louis’ godparents and their spouses will be present, but the public has yet to find out the identities of the godparents. Traditionally, the godparents are announced on the day of the christening, so we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out the details.

The prince will be baptized in the Lily Font, which is part of the Queen’s Crown Jewels and was designed by Prince Albert in 1840. It’s a silver-gilt font that has been used to baptize all of the royal family for 178 years. Although it’s silver, it’s colored gold. The bottom of the font has cherubs with harps, while the top has beautiful ivy and lilies. It’s believed to be worth around 12,500 euros, reported DW.

The outfit that Louis will be wearing will also be based on age-old tradition: a replica of a christening gown that was worn by Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, from 1841.