Woman Whose Leg Was Crushed By Subway Train Tried To Deny Ambulance, Saying Her Insurance Was ‘Terrible’

Justin SullivanGetty Images

As many United States citizens know, health insurance costs are at an all-time high and have put quite a few people in bad situations. Whether it be a simple doctor’s visit or a traumatic injury, people are having to forgo medical treatment due to the expense that the help would cost them.

In one of the most shocking stories involving insurance costs, a woman in Boston tried to deny medical help after her leg was crushed by a subway train.

According to a report from CNN, the woman stepped into a small gap when she was getting off of a train on Friday afternoon. Her leg ended up getting stuck between the train and the platform resulting in a major traumatic injury.

One bystander, Marleny Polanco, saw everything happen and talked about the scene that she witnessed.

“I didn’t actually see her fall. I actually jumped out of the car when I heard some screams. I was able to see what was happening. She was clearly stuck between the train and the platform.”

Immediately following the injury, the woman stated that she did not want anyone to call an ambulance because she couldn’t afford it.

“She made it a point to say ‘you don’t understand, I have terrible insurance.’ Everyone just kept saying don’t worry about that, you need medical help. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t do anything on the leg.”

The woman, who has not been named by the media, did end up receiving medical attention at the Boston Medical Center.

The report stated that a 2012 federal investigation found that the average cost of a median ambulance ride was between $224 to $2,204. That number is enough to make quite a few people in need of medical assistance balk at the price.

Unfortunately, things do not seem to be heading in the right direction at this point in time. Many voters are getting frustrated with the government’s inability to get the cost of insurance down. Donald Trump did promise to work on that, but things have not progressed due to varying political factors.