Brit’s Dad Works Full-Time for Her

Britney’s dad Jamie has realized that working to suppress Brit’s crazy side is a little harder than expected– and he’s being compensated with a full-time salary for it now! People reported that Jamie Spears has left his catering company to assume full-time conservatorship of her estate. Since it was already taking up all his time anyway, that was a pretty smart move on his part.

The paperwork that requests “replacement compensation” states that “The responsibilities he has assumed as conservator … have required [his] full-time attention. As a result, he has been unable to continue to his prior employment and he has lost his source of income which he needs to pay his living expenses.”

No surprise there. He’s gettign $10,000 in back pay and $2,500 per week from now on. While some may find it semi-reprehensible that her dad’s getting paid to mind her, I’m sure he’s earned that money and more dealing with Brit!