Farrah Abraham Speaks Out On Feud With ‘Mob Wives’ Star, Calls Her ‘Pathetic’

The war of words between former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo continues as Abraham spoke out on the drama between the two in a new interview with Us Weekly.

The women were paired up to draw crowds to the debut of Scores at the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on June 28. Following their appearance, Abraham took to her social media account to slam the Mob Wives star for her behavior.

“Dinner & Atlantic City was fabulous. I hope the clown fixes her drug problem & her abusive relationship. Girl I’m rootin’ for ya but have self- control & don’t threaten my safety. Such a bad look on top of not working, no wonder you don’t get paid,” slammed the former MTV star.

D’Avanzo clapped back, stating on Instagram, “the last time someone tried to test me, they ended up putting me in jail,” and added, “I will tell you one thing, I’m not gonna closed-fist punch your face in, I’m going to open hand smack the f*** out of you, straight up, on sight, just so you know.”

Abraham spoke to Us Weekly and clarified the situation with her point of view.

“It is just annoying how unprofessional someone is. I am super professional, so I was just f***ing annoyed,” said Abraham. She claims that D’Avanzo disappeared in the middle of a paid public appearance. “I was just like OK, let me know what I can do on my part, I can’t stay any longer to make up for anything, but I will do my part. They were like you don’t have to stay until the end time, thank you so much for hanging in there and being here. Their team was pi**ed off that Drita left and did not tell anyone, can’t find her and they were like what the f*** is she doing.”

“I did not even mention her name,” Abraham tells Us. “I don’t want to work with unprofessional people with no integrity. The next day she had to go ahead and, like, use my name in everything and get press attention. I blocked her because she wants to use my name to be more famous. She is pathetic.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Abraham threatened D’Avanzo with legal action in a post on Twitter. Despite this, the former Mob Wives star continued to slam the part-time porn star on Instagram.

“She got on my f***ing nerves because she was, like, really bashing me. Like, it’s, crazy. Like she has to be crazy! But I don’t think anyone really slapped her up a bit. She needs a good old fashion slap,” D’Avanzo said in her Instagram post of the lingering conflict between the two.

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