Meghan Markle Flexes Her Mom Muscle At Weekend Polo Match

After Meghan was photographed speaking with a little girl at the Audi Polo Challenge, fans are talking about how she'll be a great mother.

Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror Pool / AP Images

After Meghan was photographed speaking with a little girl at the Audi Polo Challenge, fans are talking about how she'll be a great mother.

Meghan Markle was photographed on Saturday crouched down and speaking with a little girl, which has royal fans talking about her potential future as a “wonderful mother.” The photo was snapped while Meghan was attending the Audi Polo Challenge in Ascot, Berkshire. She was rooting for her husband Prince Harry and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge.

In the photo, Meghan can be seen speaking with a blonde girl, who is believed to be Isabella Dyer, Mark Dyer’s daughter. Mark Dyer is reportedly close with Prince Harry and used to be a Welsh Guards Officer, detailed the Daily Mail. The picture was posted to the Instagram account @Meghanandherprince, and someone commented that “I love how she is with children. They’ll make great parents.” One fan said that “it says a lot about her” because Meghan took the time to crouch down to be at eye level with the girl.

In the past, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have said they want to have children. And according to the royal author Katie Nicholl, Prince Harry supposedly said that he wanted to have children “soon after the royal wedding.” It’s now been about two months since their marriage, so fans now are wondering when the two might have children.

Back in March, the two visited a start-up company called Shnuggle, who offered to give them non-slip baby baths for free. Prince Harry asked, “How many have you got?” while Meghan said, “I’m sure at some point we’ll need the whole [lot].”

One royal insider said that Meghan “would be overjoyed to have twins, she wants a big family and the sooner the better. Most of her close friends already have kids; she feels behind. Having two in one go would be a blessing,” according to Hollywood Life.

Another insider said that “Harry and Meghan won’t rush into anything [because] they have a lot on their plate right now. But they both think that when the moment feels right, that will be the time to go for it. They’ll make fantastic parents,” reported Cosmopolitan.

It’s not just Meghan and Prince Harry who are looking forward to having children, either. Meghan’s mom Doria is also reportedly “expecting to be a grandmother by this time next year.”

The event holds a special significance for the couple. Last year, the Audi Polo Challenge was when they first attended a public event together, and even shared a kiss, according to People.

For now, it appears that everyone is just waiting to see what happens as far as a new baby on the way. Since both Meghan and Prince Harry have been so open about sharing their desire to have kids, it’s not a question of if they’ll have any, but when.