June 30, 2018
Kristen Doute Claims James Kennedy Cheats On Girlfriend, Raquel Leviss

It looks like Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules is going to have plenty of drama if Kristen Doute continues to share her thoughts on James Kennedy's relationship with Raquel Leviss. The clothing designer shared her thoughts on James' fidelity during the Season 6 reunion, and it appears nothing has changed her mind since then.

Us Weekly caught up with Kristen during the launch of her clothing line, James Mae, on June 28 and asked for her thoughts on the 26-year-old DJ's relationship with Raquel. When questioned about the pair, Kristen said she believes James has not been faithful to his model girlfriend.

"Exactly what I said on the reunion last season, absolutely not. I haven't changed my mind since the reunion, but I also don't surround myself with James. I don't think there's anything he could do to make me change my mind about the way I felt last year," she admitted.

It's no surprise that Kristen isn't backing the relationship between James and Raquel, as things have gone extremely downhill between Kristen and her ex-boyfriend since they split years ago. There has been nothing but tension between the exes on the show since Scheana Marie's wedding in Season 3, when Kristen punched James in the face. The duo moved onto their current partners after the split.

James's loyalty to Raquel was questioned during a Season 6 trip to Mexico where almost the entire cast suspected something had happened between James and Kristen in Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's suite pool. Things only heightened over a simple misunderstanding where the cast believed James had admitted to cheating on Raquel. After Tom Sandoval asked James if he hung out with Kristen the night before, James admitted yes, but the cast took that to mean they hooked up, even though Tom had only said "hang out."

Kristen then got in a heated exchange with James at dinner after she was told that he admitted to hooking up with her. James denied ever saying that they did, because, essentially, he didn't. In true Vanderpump Rules fashion, drinks were thrown across the table and things between Kristen and James are still tumultuous, even though the misunderstanding came out at the reunion.

When speaking with Us Weekly, Kristen admitted that she didn't hang around James anymore, so her belief of his infidelity against Raquel is merely speculation. James has always denied cheating on his girlfriend, but his past doesn't cause many to believe him. The DJ admitted to cheating on Kristen while they were together in Season 4, and his honesty has been in question ever since.

Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules is currently filming.