‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 29: Leo’s Shocking Solution For Sonny, Custody Battle Begins, Will’s In Love [Recap]

Today’s June 29 episode of Days of Our Lives begins with Brady and Eve, who are getting ready for the custody hearing with Theresa. Tate runs across the room and gives his father a huge hug. Eve attempts to cheer Brady up, claiming that the judge will see right through Theresa’s facade.

“She’s out for blood and she is going to use your son to draw it.”

Brady admits that Theresa isn’t wrong. Most of the time a judge will side with the mother. Eve has faith that the judge will side with the father in this case.

At JJ’s studio apartment, Theresa is getting ready for the case as well. Theresa admits that she never wanted a custody battle in the first place. She is beginning to panic and JJ tells her that he is going to the hearing with her.

At the courthouse, Eve and Theresa immediately begin going at each other, throwing around insults. Theresa brought up sex with JJ and Eve responded with cocaine allegations.

Judge Duncan enters the room. She will not tolerate any outbursts between the couples. A child’s future is at stake and any lapse in judgment will be taken into consideration.

Theresa, defended by Ted, tells her story to the judge, tearfully recalling the fact that coming home to her son was the only thing that kept her going while she was being held as a prisoner.

Justin cross examines Theresa, pointing out that the man keeping Theresa was El Fideo, the notorious drug lord. This information is relevant since it speaks of her judgment. Judge Duncan allows the line of questioning. She then asks Theresa why she is seeking full custody. If she wants to win, she will have to prove that Brady is an unfit father. Ted offers to dig up dirt if she wants to continue down this road.

Across Salem, Paul gently wakes Will up. Since injecting him with the second dose of the serum, he has been worried about him. Will admits that he may have been “overly optimistic about waking up with a head full of memories.”

Paul says he would do anything for Will and tells him “I love you.” At that moment, Will remembers the moment that Sonny first admitted love to him. He tells Paul about his memory flash. When Will gets uncomfortable and tries to get up, Paul suggests that he try to remember more.

Will apologizes to Paul who starts to get out of bed. When Will grabs his arm there is another memory: the moment Will told Sonny that he loved him too.

Paul wants to know what it means for him. He begins to leave and Will kisses him.

“That’s not how I feel now. Paul, what I feel now, in this moment, is that I love you.”

They make love in an effort to create new memories. Shortly after, Paul’s phone rings. John has dirt on Leo stark.

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives touched on Kate and her involvement in Leo’s sexual harassment case against Sonny. Stefan begins tormenting Kate as a cat would play with a mouse.

“I’m not going to let you, or any man, hold a threat over my head, Stefan. Besides, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She tells Stefan to go ahead and call Victor, but calling him would be too easy. Stefan reveals that he wants to turn Kate into a secret weapon against Chad and Titan.

As Kate is defending herself against Stefan, Leo heads to the Kiriakis mansion to speak to Sonny, who is frustrated that Titan’s stocks are still tanking. What if Titan can’t recover?

Leo tells Sonny that the settlement offer was a joke, also revealing that the lawsuit was not his idea. Leo tells Sonny about Vivian’s plan and tells him that there is a new player pulling the strings. When Sonny asks who is behind the lawsuit, Leo refuses to tell him.

“Who cares how this started? I’m more interested in how we end this.”

Under the right circumstances, Leo could make this go away. He tries to play on Sonny’s emotions claiming that they have a real connection. Days viewers were shocked to hear that Leo will drop the suit if Sonny agrees to marry him, today.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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