Reese Witherspoon Caught In The Crossfire Of Ryan Phillippe’s Abuse Allegations By ‘Playboy’ Playmate

Reese Witherspoon has just found herself in the middle of a huge mess.

According to the Daily Mail, the actress — who divorced Ryan Phillippe in 2008 — is now caught smack in the middle of his pending abuse case brought about by Playboy playmate Elise Hewitt, who has just demanded that the actor turn over all his communications with his Oscar-winning ex-wife.

Hewitt’s lawyer, Shiqi Borjigin, made the demand for the communications after she accused the actor of trying to “infinitely delay” the proceedings.

According to Hewitt, in September of 2017, Phillippe grabbed her arm so hard it “left bruises,” and threw her down flights of stairs twice.

The incident happened after Hewitt went to Phillippe’s house to gather her things that she’d left behind. Hewitt subsequently filed a restraining order against the actor.

It’s unclear what the nature of the relationship was between the Playboy playmate and the actor, but it’s been strongly implied that the two were in an intimate relationship.

Hewitt is suing Phillippe for $1 million in punitive damages.

The district attorney for Los Angeles declined to press criminal charges against the actor.

For his part, Ryan Phillippe has strongly denied the allegations made against him by Hewitt. He also claims that Hewitt tried to break into his home, which is why he assaulted her, and she’s merely looking to capitalize off of his fame.

So what does Reese Witherspoon have to do with all this?

Hewitt claims that Phillippe was under the influence of many drugs and alcohol at the time of the alleged incident. She also alleges that the actor was so obsessed with her that he would talk about her all the time, and she even believes that he discussed the alleged incident with his famous ex-wife.

Hewitt claims that, just a few days before the alleged incident, she and the actor went to a party together, and the actor threw a fit because Hewitt “wasn’t paying enough attention to him.”

But perhaps the most outrageous of all of Hewitt’s claims is that she and Phillippe may have gotten married, which is another thing that he’s alleged to have spoken about with Reese Witherspoon in detail.

In response to all of this, Ryan Phillippe issued a strongly worded statement categorically denying Hewitt’s claims and even denied that the two were an item. “I have not had a ‘girlfriend’ for over a year now & have barely dated anyone since. Any other labels or mischaracterizations, from media or gossips, related to anyone, briefly, connected to my personal life, are false,” he said.

Reese Witherspoon has not commented on the allegations against her ex-husband.

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