Heidi Montag Rocks A String Bikini On The Set Of Her Faith-Based Sci-Fi Thriller 'Black Easter Resurrection'

Heidi Montag expressed some reluctance about showing off her post-baby body in the upcoming movie Black Easter Resurrection. However, fans of The Hills star are applauding her brave decision to rock a string bikini for one scene in the faith-based thriller.

On Wednesday, Heidi Montag took to Instagram to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the bikini scene that she recently shot for Black Easter Resurrection. The 31-year-old Cali girl had to trek down to Lancaster, Texas, to film what will be her second movie role. Her first was a cameo in Just Go With It, a 2011 comedy with an A-list cast that included Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.

There are no big names in Montag's latest movie, but she is clearly thrilled about getting another chance to show off her acting chops. She's been using her Instagram stories to share filming updates with her fans, and in one recent video, she said that she was "very excited" to wrap up her first day on the set.

In another short video, Heidi asks the director for details about the scene that they are about to shoot. He tells her that it's a picnic scene with her onscreen family, and they'll all be feeding a few hungry ducks. He also tells Heidi that she's just "going to look pretty." The reality show star later reveals that the picnic scene has been turned into a bikini scene.

"We are shooting very quickly today, and surprise! I'm in a bikini," she says to the camera. "I wasn't quite sure if I was bikini ready, but I was like, 'Forget it. I'm a mom.'"

For the picnic scene, Heidi rocked a teal string bikini and a pair of blue jean shorts.

Heidi's Instagram followers let her know that she had no reason to be worried about showing off her post-baby body.

"You look fabulous!" wrote one fan.

"You are a hot mama Heidi," another remarked. "So happy for you - have fun."

As reported by Us Weekly, Montag became a first-time mom last October when she and her husband, Spencer Pratt, welcomed their adorable son, Gunner. The former reality show star said that she couldn't fit into a pair of jeans that weren't maternity pants until February, but by March, she'd already returned to her pre-pregnancy weight simply by eating healthy. She also said that her husband encouraged her by telling her she looked great no matter what weight she was at.

Spencer Pratt has also been playing the role of supportive husband on the set of Black Easter Resurrection. He and Gunner joined Heidi Montag in Texas, where Spencer filmed a cameo for the movie. Heidi didn't share any details about her husband's scene, and she only shared a little information about her own character. She revealed that she shot a car accident scene that required her to wear a wig and an action sequence that included some "great stunts."

According to the website for Black Easter Resurrection, it's a "one of a kind, sci-fi, action adventure movie with a faith based twist." It's about a group of terrorists who force a team of researchers to build a time machine, with their goal being to go back in time and assassinate Jesus Christ before his resurrection. As the researchers race to stop the Jihadists, they "find themselves carrying the cross, hanging as thieves on the cross, standing in the tomb and much more," according to the movie's synopsis. Mother Mary eventually helps one of the researchers return to the future, where he faces off against the terrorists.

According to Heidi Montag, the release date for Black Easter Resurrection is Easter Sunday 2019.