Jessica Simpson Slammed After Posting Video Of Husband Tossing Son While In Swimming Pool

Neilson Barnard Getty Images

Even celebrity status does not protect a woman from being mom-shammed. These days, it seems mothers are getting faulted for any action, in some way or another — even by other parents. Jessica Simpson is no more immune to public opinion of her parenting than anyone else. In fact, because she is in the spotlight, nearly every decision she makes becomes fair game to public opinion. All eyes are on her at this moment, as her decision is causing quite the online commotion.

Currently, Simpson is being criticized over an incident with her 4-year-old son, Ace. Her husband and the young boy were going for a dip in the pool recently, performing seemingly harmless stunts while enjoying the sunshine. For anyone who watched the videos that Simpson shared on her Instagram account Monday, the back-flip which her husband, Eric Johnson, tosses the child into may seem a tad risky for the boy. Ace is seen in the clip sporting a green cast on his left arm from a recent break. Despite the cast being waterproof, people are debating whether this displays poor parenting or not, as shown on Daily Mail.

Some are calling Simpson’s actions in allowing this activity a crime, while others are merely remarking on the dangers. One such danger being pointed out in a comment brings up the pressure of such a smack into water potentially placing too much on the boy’s already vulnerable break. A collection of the negative comments can be found on Cafe Mom.

Questionable parenting skills aside, the father and son do appear to share a fun bonding moment in the video. Ace is smiling and laughing in Johnson’s arms while his father helps him to perform the flips. Props to the child, considering his stunt was done well even with a broken arm and clunky cast. His mother seemed proud of his abilities as she showcased them for everyone to see.


He is certainly one tough cookie, handling a broken bone with a huge grin on his face and not allowing the injury to get in the way of having fun. Simpson has clearly made sure that her child still gets in summer activities, regardless of his injury. Once the shamming seemed to die down, fans of Simpson’s also remarked on how awesome a waterproof cast is. Yet still, some comments continue to flow in, letting Simpson know that she is “not so smart.” Whether or not Simpson regrets her choice, the ultimate decision for what is best for the child is always up to his or her parents, unless obvious and clear child endangerment is at play.