Valve upgrades Left 4 Dead 2 servers, blasts lag away

Since Left 4 Dead 2 got released, its performance in Xbox 360 online matches has been … let’s say it’s been variable.

Indeed, my own experiences reflect this. On my second night of playing the game online with friends, I encountered lag that left the game an unplayable mess (and we tried both dedicated and local servers). The very next night, online play was buttery-smooth.

Fortunately, developer Valve has already responded, whipping out its laser-sighted shotgun to shoot lag dead forever.

Writing on the Left 4 Dead Blog today, the company revealed it had “upgraded its network infrastructure to better accommodate the huge response to L4D2,” adding, “360 players will now have lag-free servers. We’ve also added more dedicated servers.”

As usual, Valve pretty much rocks.

[Left 4 Dead Blog, via VG247]