First Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content due in spring 2010

Given the game’s record-smashing sales figures, Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content is a gold mine just waiting to make Activision and Infinity Ward nauseatingly rich. So surprise! – IW’s Robert Bowling just Tweeted that the first batch of MW2 DLC will appear in Spring 2010:

“DLC is planned for the wonderfully vague time-frame of spring. I’ll let you know when we know when it’ll be done.”

Obviously, this is LOL OLD NEWS to drinkers of Monster Energy Drink, but it’s nice to have it officially confirmed for those of us who don’t get our gaming news from soda cans.

What will the new DLC bring? Nobody knows for sure, but hackers did recently find code within the game for game-types Global Thermonuclear War (capture the nuke), One Flag (capture the flag) and VIP (protect/kill the VIP).

So hey, maybe one or all of those. I’m just putting it out there.

[Robert Bowling Twitter, via Eurogamer]