Modern Warfare 2 downloadable maps revealed

The staff at IGN gazed into the future at a can of Monster Energy Drink, and made an exciting discovery: Infinity Ward first-person shooter Modern Warfare 2 will be getting new downloadable maps in Spring 2010.

Apparently, the makers of the energy drink have joined forces with Infinity Ward and Activision to hold a contest, with one of the prizes “5,000 MW2 Map Pack codes – planned release Spring 2010.” (Energy drinks: the number one news resource for videogame journalists of the future?)

I’ve no idea yet whether these will be the first downloadable map packs, but six months is a fairly typical gap between a game launching and the first DLC appearing (the full game releases on November 10, remember).

Will it be one of the Xbox 360 timed exclusives? Again, no idea. But it’s coming. That alone fills me with happy.

[Via IGN]

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