Internet Goes Crazy Over Teen, Clara Daly, Who Communicates With Blind And Deaf Man During Flight

One teenager’s random act of kindness has gone viral on the Internet. Clara Daly was on a flight traveling from Boston back to her home near Los Angeles on Alaska Airlines when a flight attendant asked if anyone on board knew American Sign Language to help a man who was blind and deaf. The 15-year-old, while only having studied for a year, believed she could do it and rang the call button, according to CBSLA.

The Calabasas teen let him read the letters she made with her hands and kept him company on the 6-hour flight that also had a layover in Portland, Oregon, according to CNN. She was able to find out that the man, Tim Cook, wanted some water and a second time, he asked how much longer their flight would be.

A little later in the flight, he asked for Clara a third time. He didn’t need anything, he just enjoyed her company and was a little lonely for the last hour of the flight.

“I was thinking ‘wow this is really cool, I hope I don’t spell anything wrong,'” said Clara to CBSLA.

Clara wasn’t just being modest. She was a little nervous because the young lady is dyslexic and finds English to be a hard language for her. That’s what made her want to learn sign language in the first place because it was “a way to communicate without having to read or write.”

Her parents, Jane and Bill, were very proud of her and Jane told CBSLA that she posted about what happened on her Facebook page, thinking that people would appreciate hearing something so heartwarming. She was absolutely right because the story went viral. Of course, Clara isn’t sure what the fuss is all about.

“I think it’s weird that like it’s getting so much attention,” said Clara. “Doing something like that is just like what anyone would have done.”

Her mother shared that she believes her daughter has a beautiful soul, while her father told CBSLA that people could learn from his daughter, “To open yourself up. To be there for others. And to look past our differences.”

This remarkable young woman has certainly made an impression on people with her random act of kindness. You may see more from her one day down the line. Clara told CBSLA that one day she hopes to become a senator. Not only that but when she’s delivering her speeches while she’s running, she plans to sign her speeches to her audiences also.

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