Let’s Tweet Turkey?

After I posted my extensive guide to turkey support outreach in the internet age and how not to die in a fire deep-frying a turkey, another quick Thanksgiving reference came to my attention.

I mentioned the Butterball helpline (1-800-Butterball, which on a cell phone will have to be 1-800-but-terb) but if you don’t want to drop the phone in vat of boiling gravy while trying to hold for help- did you know you can get turkey help on Twitter?

Avid tweeters hosting Thanksgiving this year may want to follow and converse with @Butterball on Twitter. The helpful person or persons manning the customer service account have been tweeting turkey advice all morning to panicked Twitter users in need of a helping tweet:

Turkey still frozen?Quick thaw -place breast side down in lrg container, fill w/cold H2O.Takes 30 mins per lb &change H2O every 30 minutes.

The Turkey Talk-Line will receive more than 10,000 calls today – will you be one? 1-800-BUTTERBALL #Thanksgiving

http://bit.ly/2pnclh @SpendLessTV We recommed cooking it breast side up and covering it 2/3 the way through

RT @acharpen:shotout 2the @butterball operators who take turkey day 2answer all kinds of crazy questions& attempt 2make our kitchens safer.

Happy Thanksgiving! The Turkey Talk-Line is open today from 6-6 CST to answer all your turkey related questions. 1-800-BUTTERBALL.

@xtinar about 4 hours. Check the calculator on butterball.com

@DebJorge we get 4.5-5 hrs at 325 but call 1-800-BUTTERBALL and ask them about the conve oven

@SuzanneBoyd let it rest for about 15 mins

@DelaneyKirk without stuffing 4-4.5 hrs with stuffing 5-5.5 but check out the calc on butterball.com too

@ladybugsgrama if its still frozen get it in a large tub and thaw 30 mins per lbs