Sandra Bernhard Says Former Co-Star Roseanne Barr Suddenly Went ‘Bat S**t Crazy’

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Sandra Bernhard is not mincing words when it comes to Roseanne Barr. Bernhard, who co-starred with Barr for six seasons on the original ABC sitcom in the 1990s, thinks Roseanne has destroyed her entire legacy in the aftermath of her racist Twitter rant last month. Sandra made her comments about Roseanne Barr during a stand-up act at the Gay and Sober Men’s Conference in New York City. Radar Online posted a video of Sandra’s monologue in which she slams the former Roseanne matriarch.

After Roseanne’s racist tweet about former White House aide Valerie Jarrett, ABC promptly canceled the second season of the hit Roseanne reboot. During her stand-up show, Sandra Bernhard admitted she never saw Roseanne Barr as a racist when she worked with her on the ABC comedy from 1991 to 1997.

“I never saw any of that. And then all of a sudden, she flipped out. She got f***ing bat sh*t crazy.

Bernhard also teased that she knows even more than what has been put out to the public.

“Believe me, I can tell you more things from behind the scenes but I respect people’s privacy,” Sandra said. Suffice to say, she f***ed up her entire legacy.”

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Sandra Bernhard played Roseanne Conner’s bisexual friend, Nancy Bartlett, on the original sitcom and she reprised the role in one episode of the Roseanne reboot earlier this year. After the Twitter scandal, Roseanne Barr was axed from the comedy series she helped create, and she recently agreed to give up all financial stake in a new spinoff, The Conners. All of the other Roseanne co-stars will appear in the new show, minus Barr.

“She had to sell herself back to ABC and I guess they paid her off or something but now she’s done,” Bernhard told the crowd. “I mean, she’ll never be on her show again. Now they have to find a way to like kill her off.”

Sandra wondered aloud how the new show will work without someone to “joust” with. But the actress also revealed that she hopes producers bring her character, Nancy, back for The Conners spinoff.

Ahead of the Roseanne controversy, Sandra Bernhard told Pride Source that Roseanne Barr has always “liked to stir the pot.” Sandra said that while she didn’t agree with Barr’s real-life pro-Trump stance, she thought the show would be able to transcend that.

But Bernhard also seemed to have a premonition about Barr’s biggest weakness: social media. Well before Roseanne Barr tweeted the offensive comment about Valerie Jarrett, saying she looked like the baby of “Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes,” Bernhard revealed that she dropped out of social media conversations about Roseanne’s politics because “it goes nowhere.”

“I mean, we’re friends, we’re friendly, and I’ll continue to do the show,” Bernhard said at the time. “But it gets underneath your skin when 20 million people who used to watch your show are like, ‘What the f**k?'”

The Conners will premiere on ABC this fall.