Wells Adams Promises Sarah Hyland He Will Be Home 'Soon' Amid Her Hospitalization For Kidney Issues

Tiffany Bailey

Wells Adams is away in Mexico filming the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. This was shocking to fans because he has been dating Modern Family actress Sarah Highland for nearly a year. It appears that things on the show will be complicated this time around. Several familiar faces will be returning to Mexico for various reasons including an engagement and a trip back to where it all began for a new family.

Being away from Sarah Hyland is something Wells Adams is struggling with. According to Us Weekly, the Bachelor in Paradise participant shared a message for his girlfriend that reads he will be "coming home soon." This comes after it was revealed that Hyland has been in the hospital. The Modern Family actress shared a selfie of her swollen face last week, drawing a lot of concern from followers.

Sarah Hyland is no stranger to health issues. She had a kidney transplant back in 2012, and since then, she has been dealing with a few other health issues. Wells Adams is in Mexico with the franchise that made him a star, and he has not spoken publicly about his girlfriend's hospitalization. His only nod to what was happening was his post on social media which included a photo of the two and a caption.

It looks like Sarah Hyland is getting things under control while being hospitalized. Her health struggles haven't been kept secret, but they are not widely publicized either. Dealing with a kidney transplant and other issues hasn't been easy for her, but she continues to work through it all. Wells Adams will be returning home from Mexico in the upcoming days, though an exact date has not been announced. He obviously misses his girlfriend, and being away filming has to be hard on the couple.

Their relationship is reportedly getting more serious as the months pass. Sarah Hyland mentioned engagement has come up in conversations, something that wasn't shocking to fans. Wells Adams made an impression on viewers, but most importantly, he made a lasting one on Hyland.