Moby Blasts Melania Trump For ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Coat, Says She’s ‘Detached From Human Suffering’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Celebrities have been expressing outrage ever since First Lady Melania Trump decided to wear her “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket during a visit to Texas to meet immigrant children who had been separated from their parents. You can now add singer/producer Richard Melville Hall, better known by his stage name Moby, to the growing chorus who are not happy that she could wear that to the detention center. The “Hotel” singer told TMZ at LAX on Thursday that he had seen the news bite about how she was going to Texas to help the kids who were separated from their parents before leaving New York for Los Angeles, and he thought that was nice, but he was surprised by what he read about the brouhaha after he landed.

“I like to work under the assumption that it was a really inappropriate fashion faux pas,” he said, but when the TMZ producer pointed out that the jacket was only $40 and had to be a statement, he thought about it for a second and then added, “to go visit children who have been taken away from their families and put into a detention center wearing a jacket like that does seem inappropriate.”

TMZ continued to follow Moby and brought up the theory that she wore the jacket on purpose to lure the media criticism so they could then turn around and criticize the media for discussing her wardrobe when she was trying to draw attention to the kids’ plight. Moby had a very matter-of-fact take on it: “Except it does seem to sum up the entire ethos of the Trump administration, just for like the indifference to basic human suffering and decency.”

While the 2-year-old Zara jacket has inspired scorn across the globe, there is an upside. Glamour reports that it inspired a few fashion brands to come up with their own version of the olive jacket, sporting the “I Really Care” clothing brand movement to help communities hard hit by the border crisis, including the brand Wildfang. “Overnight, Portland-based brand Wildfang released a limited capsule collection titled “I REALLY CARE”, with 100 percent of proceeds going to RAICES Texas, which offers legal services and resources to immigrants,” they report. The description of the product addresses the first lady herself, letting her know that they do care. Not surprising, the first launch of the product sold out within an hour and when the company restocked the product it sold out again.