‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Calls Out Troll Who Wished Death On His Dog

Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules has never shied away from calling out a troll on his Twitter or Instagram pages. The reality star regularly responds to his critics by telling them to unfollow him instead of throwing insults in his direction, or toward his fiancée, Brittany Cartwright. Today, however, Jax took things to the next level after an Instagram commenter left a message on one of his posts wishing his dog got hit by a car.

Jax deleted his original Instagram post where he screenshotted the image of the nasty comment, but kept the screenshot on his Twitter page. In a new Instagram post, Jax mentioned the commenter yet again in a detailed message to his followers. Jax’s fury was felt by all who read the post, which stated he would not tolerate bullying on his social media accounts, especially when those attacked are people and animals without voices.

The second Instagram post from Jax was in defense of the now deleted post which saw some flack for the reality star. Fans began commenting on Jax’s post saying he was only enabling and redirecting bullying to the Instagram user who made the comment about his dog. According to comments from followers, the commenter’s personal Instagram page was filled with hate from Jax’s fans, which caused the girl to delete her account. Not everyone agreed with his choice to publically call out the commenter.

“Playing devils advocate, while what she said was wrong and disgusting, blasting her to have people attack her is cyber bullying in itself. Two wrongs don’t make a right,” one Instagram user commented on Jax’s page.

“This is so pathetic [laughing emoji] the comment was not that serious, you’re taking it so far. I hope you feel embarrassed at how dramatic this is, ur off one today for sure,” another added.

Many came in support of Jax for calling out his hater, saying there was nothing wrong with his firing back at her.

“Good for you @mrjaxtaylor, that comment was so unnecessary..she’ll probably come back under another name, but will hopefully think twice before posting stupid comments,” a fan posted.

No matter how Jax’s fans responded to his choice to call out the hater, he is sticking to his guns.

“I have ZERO tolerance for this, you have been warned. You want to be ‘cute’ or ‘brave’ or think you are funny, you have that right. But I will find you. This has to end now. Build others up that don’t have a voice in life make everyone feel special,” he captioned his post.

Vanderpump Rules co-stars Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder supported their friend by liking the post, as did Southern Charm buddy Shep Rose and fiancée Brittany Cartwright.

The seventh season of Vanderpump Rules is currently filming.

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