Cara Maria Sorbello's Loyal Fan Base Rallies As 'Challenge' Champ Feuds With Cast Members Online

MTV's The Challenge franchise might just have some of the most loyal fans in the world of television. The Challenge fans have been watching the series since it debuted back in 1998 when the only other competition in reality TV series was Survivor. Cara Maria Sorbello joined the series in its 19th season for Fresh Meat II. She might have been eliminated in the season's first episode, but that hasn't stopped the star from becoming one of the game's biggest players of all time.

Now a two-time Challenge champion, including being the first solo winner ever on the series, Cara has gained her share of enemies. The 32-year-old continues to get attacked the more successful she becomes on the show, and much of the feuding plays out on Twitter. Cara recently sent out a tweet suggesting people had wished death upon her horse of 18 years. Since she tagged The Challenge's Twitter account in the post, fans began to speculate which cast member had horrible things to say about her beloved horse.

Cara then revealed that ill-wishes on animals would play out on the upcoming season of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. After tagging PETA in her tweet, Cara let her followers know that someone on the cast wished death on an animal, and later bragged about it. PETA even responded to Cara's tweet noting the death of an animal was nothing to joke about.

Over the last several days, Cara has sent out multiple tweets referring to classless and negative people, but never called anyone out by name. Her extremely loyal fanbase, or Cara's Army, did some digging on Twitter and quickly found out Cara's feud was with Challenge cast member Amanda Garcia. Amanda was not shy about re-tweeting negative messages about Cara on her own Twitter page and clearly has a serious issue with the veteran. Ashley Brooke also got in on the feud, pairing up with Amanda in their Twitter attacks on Cara.
It didn't take long for Cara's Army to come to the defense of their favorite cast member and tweeted hundreds of messages in support of the red-haired beauty. Many commented on Cara's integrity in the game, her athleticism, and blamed jealousy on the attacks by Amanda and Ashley. Cara liked dozens of tweets from her fans, including one that suggested she was a target for newer cast members for the sole purpose of a storyline.

"All I see is - let me f with @CaraMariaMTV for some extra attention. Since she's the HBIC I get it. Still lame though Amanda," one fan tweeted out.

"Hi! The ppl on the internet....twitter....that tweet u hateful garbage is not an indicator of ur success. They only make up less than 5%. The other 95% is made up of ppl who love u and tweet u, love u but don't do social media & ppl who just watch and enjoy," another added.

For now, it's one woman's word against another, and fans will have to see how things truly play out on screen when The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs July 10 on MTV.