WWE News: Kenny Omega On How He’d Work Better In WWE, And A WWE-NJPW Partnership Being Best For Business

The wrestling fans of the world who know of promotions outside of WWE and Impact Wrestling know what they want and it is Kenny Omega. He is one of the greatest talents in the world, as well as one of the most entertaining, and everyone simply feels it is time for the two sides to come together. While it’s not known if a deal will ever happen, Omega has been talking a lot lately and WWE has often been the subject of what he’s had to say.

It was recently reported by Inquisitr that WWE was rumored to be interested in big name talents from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and the All In event this September. Obviously, the names of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are those which have been mentioned the most, and it makes even more sense with their contracts expiring within the next six or seven months.

Lately, Omega has been speaking a great deal about WWE as the idea of a working partnership between WWE and NJPW is something that has been a hot topic. As Pro Wrestling Sheet reported, Omega promoted an upcoming NJPW event and said that the idea of “us vs. them” shouldn’t exist any longer.

In the last few weeks, Triple H revealed that WWE was open to possibly working with other wrestling promotions. Of course, this started people talking about the company working with NJPW, and Omega decided to share his feelings on it as well.

“I definitely would want to see that. I think that nowadays, with the popularity and respect level of other sports — for example basketball, or baseball or soccer — I feel that it wouldn’t be out of place for pro wrestling to stand at the same level as those sports. And I think the only way we stand a chance at doing that is if we really band together and give them the best of the best.”

From that point on, Omega named a few dream matches that he thinks would be perfect, which includes The Elite vs. The New Day and Kenny Omega vs. Tommaso Ciampa. Recently, The Elite were featured on Xavier Woods’ “Up Up Down Down” YouTube show and WWE even gave it some coverage.

Earlier this year, a dream match that fans have wanted for a long time took place and it had Omega taking on Chris Jericho. At Wrestle Kingdom 12, Kenny Omega took on and defeated Chris Jericho in a classic that was a long time in the making, and it made solid WWE fans sit up and take notice.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Kenny Omega spoke recently about him ever heading to WWE and signing a deal with the company. While he’s seemed dead set against it in the past, he spoke more in favor of it this time and said it may actually benefit him by taking his game to a higher level.

Omega loves the freedom he has to wrestle in multiple places and in the ring with NJPW, but he said that he actually works “better with restrictions.” In an environment like WWE, his matches wouldn’t always be as long as those he has in New Japan, but he’d make it work.

“The thing is too it’s like, ‘hey if you ever go to WWE what are you gonna do if you only get five minutes?’ I mean sure you’d have nights like that but would I take a contract with WWE if I were not gonna be able to show the best of Kenny Omega? That would be a disservice to fans to professional wrestling, it would be a disservice to my own career all the hard work I put in.

“I would for sure make sure that I was able to show the best of what I do and that requires a little bit of time. So yeah, things like that don’t really worry me I think I would be fine.”

Kenny Omega is easily one of the most well-known wrestlers in the entire world and his talent unquestionably makes him one of the best ever. If matches such as Omega vs. Chris Jericho can happen, why can’t other dream bouts become a reality? There may come a day when he signs a contract with Triple H and becomes a WWE superstar, but if not, there is always the possibility of NJPW and WWE working together, which would make many dreams come true.

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