Naked In The Snow, Latest Internet Craze

A new craze is sweeping the internet as people are taking pictures of themselves naked in the snow. The craze started when a woman posted a picture of herself in the snow, wearing only underwear, to her Facebook page.

Leanne Myers, age 40, decided to pose for and post the picture to amuse her friends. She had no idea the picture and concept would go viral. As reported by Daily Mail, Myers was not trying to start a fad, she just wanted to have a little fun:

“I really did just think it would be a bit of fun, to provide a bit of a giggle for maybe 50 of my friends and neighbors in the village, but on Saturday it really took off. My husband and I went out on Saturday to the club in the village and a lad said ‘Hi Leanne, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on’. That’s when I knew it had gone a bit further than that.”

All of the attention gave Myers the idea to start a website. The website,, is a forum where people can upload pictures or videos of themselves naked in the snow. It is free to view pictures that have been submitted, but Myers has requested charitable donations through JustGiving. Any proceeds will be donated to Salisbury District Hospital in the UK, which focuses on cardiac care and cancer treatment in babies and young children.

Those wishing to submit pictures or videos of themselves naked in the snow must be over the age of 18.