Naked Yoga Is All The Rage With Men

Naked yoga is a big hit with Canadian men. A growing number of males are signing up for Shanti Yoga Studios nude yoga classes in Edmonton. The classes are solely for the guys. The yoga students strip down before molding their bodies into downward facing dog.

Canadian yoga instructor Chris McBain told CTV that naked yoga helps men conquer their fears. McBain also this this to say about the Shanti Yoga Station classes:

“For some it’s about naturalism and just being nude, and for other people it’s just a bucket list endeavor. Yoga itself is a great physical activity and has many benefits. When you’re engaging a challenge for yourself, it’s a little intimidating but when you confront that challenge, it can take on a lot of self-confidence.”

The naked yoga trend is becoming more popular in America as well. Naked Yoga NYC instructor Isis Phoenix told Health News Daily that in the buff yoga helps students free their minds and bodies. Phoenix also had this to say about the trend:

“A new reality is created in the first 15 minutes of class. A reality where people can be naked and practice yoga in the room, and it’s OK. Nobody’s going to point and laugh. In that first 15 minutes, I would say most people go through a transformation of holding that new reality really solidly, and that makes other things possible,” including confronting their fears about their new experience.”

Some believe that skipping the yoga pants brings a new “authenticity” and honesty to the class. Some nude yoga students are reportedly apprehensive at first but lose the anxiety as class progresses.