Robert Williams AWOL For Boston Celtics' Conference Call Hours After Falling To No. 27 In NBA Draft

Ernest Shepard

Texas A&M center Robert Williams heard his name called by the Boston Celtics as they made him the No. 27 pick in the NBA draft, per Mass Live. It seems that was the only call the Celtics made which connected to Robert Williams as the newest member of the Celtics was unreachable for his conference call.

Bleacher Report is citing that the Boston Celtics have postponed their conference call introducing Robert Williams to the team and the media. Robert Williams being AWOL for his conference call was summed up as a simple miscommunication, however, it did not stop the skepticism from starting.

Falling to the Boston Celtics at No. 27 was a godsend for Robert Williams.

He is a top-five talent with some question marks about him. Many people have speculated that his lack of motivation and work ethic at times was the reason why Robert Williams fell out of the lottery and to the Celtics at No. 27. Williams could be one of the best players from the this year's NBA Draft. He is already considered the draft's biggest steal.

The Boston Celtics needed an aggressive rim protector, Robert Williams should be able to provide that. Williams is still a project on the offensive end. Having plays called for him is several years away.

Getting his Boston Celtics' tenure off to a good start was important for Robert Williams. Instead of making a great impression for his new team, the newest Celtics' player created a stir for all of the wrong reasons.

No new date has been scheduled for the Boston Celtics' introductory conference call. The Celtics will likely look to set something up with Williams at some point early next week.

Williams' first impression with the Celtics will be forgotten as long as he produces on the basketball court.