Blake Shelton 'Hit Rock Bottom' After Divorce From Miranda Lambert

Divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go through, especially for the rich and famous who have to do so with millions of people watching and commenting as if they know them, and now Country superstar Blake Shelton is opening up about his painful one from Miranda Lambert and how falling for Gwen Stefani helped save him, reports Us Magazine. Shelton and Stefani have been together for three years, which is pretty impressive considering the two became close while both were going through divorces. What would normally be viewed as a rebound romance has blossomed into the real thing for both, but the road there wasn't easy. Shelton opens up about the struggle in an upcoming episode of Sunday Today With Willie Geist, which will air this Sunday on June 24.

"When I was going through my divorce and just, you know, hit rock bottom just like anybody does when they go through something that devastating, it's a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the same exact moment in time," Shelton says of Stefani to Geist. It certainly gave the two Voice coaches something to bond over.

Their respective divorces were hard on them both. Shelton and Miranda Lambert had been married since May of 2011 and the two country legends divorced in July of 2015. Meanwhile, Stefani had married her No Doubt bandmate Gavin Rossdale in September of 2002, and the two divorced in 2015. While Gwen was announced as a coach on The Voice at the end of April 2014, she spoke of knowing in February, as reported by E! Online, saying how that changed her life. "I got The Voice. And then I was on the show and that was just like a whole new inspiring experience to be on that show. And then, things went down, I think it was February where my life just, 'Woah!' It just changed."

Us reports that back in April, Stefani told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that marriage is on the table for them, and that they both think about it a lot. "You know what? I love weddings. The kids love him, we love him, everybody loves him," said Stefani, referring to her and Rossdale's sons, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4. "I do, I think about [marrying Blake] all the time." It has been reported that Shelton has a great relationship with her kids and together they lead a very full life. The famous couple is beloved by their fans for many reasons but probably mostly because it's inspiring to see two people survive heartbreak to find love again.