Netflix News: Will Ferrell To Star And Write ‘Eurovision’ Comedy With Andrew Steele

Every year, around May, you might have noticed it on social media, the word “Eurovision.” For those in Europe and Australia, the word is well known, but, for Americans, not so much. However, that is all about to change now that Will Ferrell has signed up with Netflix to star in and write the movie, Eurovision.

Eurovision is a song contest that has been running in Europe and surrounding countries since 1956 after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided Europe needed a light entertainment program after the devastation of the last world war. While it was originally designed for European countries to participate in, over the years, surrounding countries have been included so long as they were a member of the EBU. And then, in 2015, Australia joined the Eurovision ranks after being staunch followers of the contest for many years. This year, Israel won Eurovision with their catchy tune, “TOY,” as stated in this previous Inquisitr article.

According to a press release from Netflix, Will Ferrell is set to bring Eurovision to America in his latest endeavor. The press release states that “Eurovision is a comedy set around the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ — the longest-running annual international TV song competition.”

Israel’s Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with her song ‘TOY.’

However, while many see it as a way to bring Eurovision to the U.S., SBS suggests that the movie could be seen as “an attempt by Netflix to appeal to its customers abroad.”

Will Ferrell and Jessica Elbaum (Gary Sanchez Productions) are billed as producers, and Adam McKay is acting as executive producer on Eurovision. Will Ferrell is also attached to star and write Eurovision with Andrew Steele for Netflix.

While there is no news yet on when production will begin on Eurovision or what the movie will cover in relation to the song contest, it hasn’t stopped people speculating.

According to the BBC, they would like to see Will Ferrell take inspiration from the heavy metal winners, Lordi, and create a Viking-themed heavy theme in his Eurovision movie.

They also suggest that Eurovision isn’t Eurovision without controversy present. This controversy could take either the form of a provocative act such as that year that Poland’s buxom milkmaids churned milk seductively, or, alternatively, it could come via a stage invasion. The most recent stage invasion happened during this year’s Eurovision when a man stormed the stage during the U.K.’s performance.

Along with these suggestions, seeing Will Ferrell in a white outfit or getting caught up in pyrotechnics would also be great ways to involve other common themes from Eurovision.

However, Eurovision fans will just have to wait until further news emerges about the upcoming movie starring Will Ferrell.

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