Woman Yells ‘F**k You, Mr. President’ As Donald Trump Enters Capitol, Police Reportedly Searching For Heckler

A heckler took a moment of opportunity to deliver Donald Trump a message — “F**k you, Mr. President.”

Now, the woman who yelled the obscene declaration to Trump could be facing consequences from police. After the viral act of defiance on Tuesday as Trump was set to meet with Republican lawmakers at the U.S. Capitol, Politico reporter Tom Bresnahan reported that Capitol Police are searching for the woman.

It is not clear what police may want with the woman. As many noted, it is not a crime to yell at the president, so her colorful invitation to Trump would be protected by the First Amendment.

The Trump heckler could face some trouble for the woman’s job, however. An NBC News reporter claimed that the woman who yelled at Trump is a Congressional intern, so it’s possibly her position could be in jeopardy.

The heckler struck as Donald Trump has attracted a high level of pushback for his newly instituted immigration policy that calls for children to be taken from their parents and placed in holding facilities. This week, reporters were allowed in these facilities for the first time, describing children groups together in chain-link cages, some as young as 4-years-old.

Democratic lawmakers and some Republicans have called on Trump to halt the policy, as have a number of religious groups and child health advocates. Trump’s administration has stood by the policy, though alternated the support by blaming it on Democrats.

This would not be the first time an impromptu act of protest against Donald Trump has led to harsh consequences. Last year, a viral photo showed a bicyclist raising her arm and displaying her middle finger as Donald Trump’s motorcade passed by en route to a round of golf for the president.

The woman, Juli Briskman, was later fired by her employer after posting a picture of the gesture to her social media. Briskman then sued the employer, claiming that Akima LLC violated state employment law in fear of retaliation from the federal government, GlobalNews.ca reported.

Briskman later penned an op-ed, saying she stood by her act of defiance against Donald Trump and saying that people should not be forced to choose between their “principles and their paychecks.” She also found widespread support, as her act resonated with many who wish they could take the same opportunity.

Video of Tuesday’s heckler can be seen below (be warned, there is some NSFW language).

The identity of Donald Trump’s heckler has not yet been revealed.

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