‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Looks Back As Carly Tries To Lay Low, Jason’s Plan Slowly Edges Forward

General Hospital spoilers for the episode set to air on Tuesday, June 19 suggest that more juicy details regarding Nelle’s past are about to be revealed to viewers. It comes as no surprise that she still has some skeletons in her closet, but it was a bit of a shocker when it was recently revealed that Chase is a part of that sketchy past. Carly is struggling in Ferncliff and Jason is doing his best to help her, and it looks like there will be progress coming with this plan during the next few shows.

Actress Chloe Lanier, who plays Nelle, teased via Twitter that fans will not want to miss this next episode. Unfortunately, Lanier didn’t share any juicy General Hospital spoilers to explain her tease. However, She Knows Soaps shares that Nelle will be thinking about her past during the upcoming show.

Viewers already learned that Chase was the lead investigator on the case involving the death of Nelle’s former fiancé Zack. During the course of the investigation, Chase and Nelle got intimate, and then someone reported him for the inappropriate relationship. While she maintains that her feelings for him were real, he suspects that she played him and ended up getting exactly what she wanted with the case against her falling apart.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers out there, it sounds like viewers will get additional glimpses into Nelle’s past with Chase. It is also known that as the week moves forward, Chase will run into issues with both Dante and Michael and fans are anxious to see how his past with Nelle will impact his job and new relationships in Port Charles.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will do her best to play nice. She is desperate to get out of Ferncliff, especially after being drugged up and intimidated by the nasty nurse. Kevin has promised to help her, but anything he can do will take some time. Jason is also trying to help, and he’s started a janitorial job to get close to her.

A new preview shared via the show’s Twitter page teases that Jason’s plans to get Carly out of Ferncliff may not go as planned. Obviously, as soon as he sees her he’ll instinctively want to bust her out immediately. However, he has to be methodical about this plan if he wants to succeed. Carly is having a hard time keeping track of what’s real, including having Jason there, but it sounds as if she’ll fight to keep her wits about her and be patient.

Sonny will be tearing into Margaux, the prosecutor responsible for getting Carly locked up, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this explosion could come back to haunt him. What more will everybody learn about Chase and Nelle’s past? How long can Carly hold on at Ferncliff? This week has plenty of twists and turns on the way and these next few episodes should have fans buzzing.