Paul McCartney Is A Wedding Singer As He Belts Out Beatles Classic For Nephew’s Big Day, According To ‘TMZ’

Singer and songwriting legend Paul McCartney’s career took a strange and unexpected turn on June 16 when The Beatles legend turned into a wedding singer for his nephew’s nuptials with a performance that turned the sophisticated event on its head.

McCartney, who turned 76 on June 18, grabbed the microphone and took over as the lead vocalist of the couple’s wedding band in a performance for about 300 guests at the Fresh Meadow Country Club in Long Island. The groom was from his wife Nancy Shevell’s side of the family, according to TMZ, who obtained a video of the event. Shevell and McCartney have been married since 2011.

McCartney’s song of choice? The Beatles classic from 1963, “I Saw Her Standing There” written by McCartney and his longtime collaborator and musical partner, John Lennon. Shevell’s family and friends seemed thrilled at the prospect of their own private concert with the music legend as they sang along and danced to the iconic tune.

During an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes in 2017, McCartney revealed that devoted wife Shevell is a “party girl” and “a music fan” who loves to watch her husband perform on stage. The hitmaker was previously married to Heather Mills and the late Linda McCartney.

According to a story published by Ultimate Classic Rock, McCartney sang the same song with another band at a graduation party for Shevell’s son in Florida several years back. The site reported that Josh Walther, the frontman for the group who was playing, said the music legend asked to “sit in” with the band. McCartney asked to sit in during the break.

“He had us play a blues progression and he improvised a song about his stepson’s graduation,” Walther said. “And then we did ‘I Saw Her Standing There.’ We went through basically the whole catalog of Beatles songs we knew and he really wanted to do ‘[I] Saw Her Standing There,’ but we had never played it.”

“Our piano player pulled up a chart off the internet and we just totally winged it. It turned out great… He seemed to want to hang out more with us, but his wife wouldn’t have it. [He] told me I had the smoothest voice,” Walther shared at the time.

McCartney was most recently seen as a participant in a long-running comedy bit for The Late, Late Show with James Corden, “Carpool Karaoke.”

The New York Post reported Corden said it took “six months” to get McCartney to appear on the show, but not because the singer didn’t want to participate. Said the host, “When we talked about it there was a lot of back and forth about logistical things and then it essentially came down to Paul and I getting on the phone together and me explaining our vision for [the segment]. To go and film it in Liverpool, I feel like we had to make it like something no one has seen on television.”

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