‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Covers Her Tracks, Kim And Julian Ask Questions, And Nina’s Conflicted

Richard ShotwellInvision / AP Images

There are some great teasers available regarding Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that there will be plenty of action related to Peter’s continuing imprisonment, and it looks like things may come to a head on this situation soon. Obrecht isn’t ready to give him his freedom yet, but Nina is wavering and they may soon have to change course on this crazy cabin captivity plan.

As viewers saw on Friday’s show, Kim and Julian were having a great time on their camping trip, but they were surprised to see Liesl in the woods. Of course, Obrecht was surprised to see them, too, and she had to scramble when a scream was heard.

Peter, still tied up to the bed, was terrified to see a rattlesnake stopping by for a visit, and that’s what led to the scream heard through the woods. General Hospital spoilers detail that Kim and Julian will worry that someone is in dire need of assistance, perhaps having encountered a snake, but Obrecht will brush this off and tell them that there aren’t any snakes in those woods.

Liesl will be anxious to get away from Julian and Kim, and she’ll be even more anxious to keep them from looking for the person who screamed. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll be successful, but trouble may soon come from another direction.

Nina is struggling to support her aunt in this plan and She Knows Soaps details that she’ll run into Drew during Monday’s show. Peter talked with Nina about the flash drive he had that could restore Drew’s memories, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will admit to Drew that she’s not okay when she runs into him. GH executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Nina might reveal more than she should to Drew during this chat, but previews show that she’ll be flustered as she has this conversation.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina may slip up during her talk with Drew, revealing a tidbit he didn’t know about the flash drive. The buzz is that things will take a turn regarding this flash drive as this week plays out, and it will have an impact on many people throughout Port Charles.

Monday’s episode brings a conversation between Maxie and Lulu where Maxie is asking if anything new about Henrik has emerged, and Peter’s disappearance will remain a mystery to everybody except Nina and Obrecht for the moment. General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get quite dramatic this week as this storyline progresses and fans will be curious to see how this all plays out.