‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Nina Wants Answers, Chase Faces Questions, And Liz Holds Back

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that the week of June 18 will be filled with enticing action. Obrecht still has Peter hidden away in a cabin, but Julian and Kim are nearby and heard his screams, while Carly is struggling in Ferncliff. Chase has a juicy past with Nelle, and Sonny is desperate for information from Mike, but teasers suggest that there are setbacks on the way on multiple fronts.

Kim and Julian’s camping trip took a turn when they ran into Obrecht and heard Peter screaming. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Liesl will scramble to cover her tracks, and it looks like she might be successful at this point. Nina will run into Drew and continue to be rattled as she scrambles to keep up with things, and it sounds as if Valentin will try once again to smooth things over with her, albeit unsuccessfully.

Viewers learned some stunning tidbits about Chase’s past with Nelle, and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will soon face tough questions from both Michael and Dante. Soap Central notes that Nelle will be distracted by her past, and GH fans know that this big reveal about Chase and Nelle will shake things up for some time to come.

Nelle will also be doing her best to comfort Josslyn, and Carly will try to shift gears at Ferncliff to stall for time. She’ll be working to accept the fact that things have permanently changed, and it sounds as if her stay at Ferncliff will continue to be complicated for a while.

Additional teasers for the week indicate that Franco will open up to Kevin about the wedding plans he is putting together with Elizabeth. Franco has been determined to bring in some of Liz’s extended family for the big day, but she’s been resistant. General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll insist that she doesn’t want a big, fancy wedding, but it seems that Franco may continue to pursue his own vision of what their wedding day should look like.

Sonny finally got some much-needed information from Mike about the missing dead body, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that this isn’t over yet. This week Sonny will be relieved at one point but confused at another, and he won’t have an easy time sorting this out.

Viewers will also see developments with Maxie, Lulu, Kiki, Anna, Jordan, and Curtis, and additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge as the week plays out. How long can Obrecht keep Peter hidden away? How will Nelle finally be brought down and will Chase be key to making it happen? There’s plenty of juicy stuff on the way, and fans are dying to see it all play out.

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