Ashley Graham Rocks Black Bikini, Gets Love From Demi Lovato

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

American model Ashley Graham is widely known in the industry by women who regard themselves as “curvy.” Because she exudes confidence in her own skin, Graham has been classified as an “ambassador of the ‘real beauty’ movement.”

The “real beauty” movement denounces the unattainable body standards that the fashion industry sets forth and celebrates the real image of a woman’s body. Ashley Graham has gained popularity and, according to her official biography, has been seen on the covers of multiple fashion magazines. Gracing the covers of publications such as Vogue and Elle indicate that her message is being heard.

As a result of popular models and performers, like Ashley Graham, many other beauty companies have jumped on the “real beauty” bandwagon. For instance, Dove has been a powerful voice in their movement to redefine beauty.

Ashley Graham has recently posted a photograph on her Instagram account which shows her rocking a black bikini. Her social media followers showered her with compliments and thanked her for continuing to offer inspiration to women everywhere.

One of Ashley Graham’s followers stated how she looked “absolutely beautiful,” wishing that more women looked like Ashley and “accepted how they look as beautiful as well.” Another Instagram follower praised Ashley for being a “reminder of what natural beauty truly means.”

“You not only empower curvy girls, you actually give confidence to all women who have body basically ALL WOMEN. I admire you Ashley Graham for fiercely being you and constantly challenging the norm.”

Among those who commented on Ashley Graham’s stunning bikini photograph was the award-winning singer and performer Demi Lovato, who commented “Hot Mama” on the bikini-clad model’s post. In motivating Ashley Graham, Demi Lovato has, in turn, instilled body confidence in other women.

Demi Lovato has been drawing controversy of her own this year, both being praised by fans for her anti-dieting stance and being body shamed by others. The Inquisitr recently reported that the “Confident” singer won’t let body shamers get her down as she continues to inspire others through her active social media account.

Demi Lovato has made it her mission to denounce what she calls “diet culture” and is active on both Instagram and Twitter, inspiring her followers to follow a health plan that suits them, rejecting societal expectations regarding “perfect” body standards.

Through the continuous encouragement of others, celebrities are joining forces to provoke a change in cultural views of beauty across the nation.